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Copyright© 2005-20.   Council Rock School District.

(Site designed by Charyl Kerns Hills & supported by Council Rock's Math Specialists)


NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Bedtime Math Great daily differentiated problems for the love of math.
Building Big  Explore large structures at this PBS site.
Code +  Reach all with an hour of Code.
Creative Educator  Ways to inspire creativity.
 eGFI +  Am. Society Engineering Education (ASEE) has numerous lesson plans, activities, resources.
Engineer Girl   See what engineering offers at this Lockheed Martin site.
How to Smile +  UCa- Lawrence Hall offers activities for math & science
  Aviary Architect Game +  Museum of Science Boston challenge to build correct birdhous
K'NEX  General help & info.
K'NEX User Group  Many challenges & ideas.
LEGO Education  Explore ideas, lessons, & products.
Make to Learn From digital design to physical from ISTE.
Marshmallow Challenge  TED Talk -T. Wujec Start up info here.
PhET Simulations   Free math/ science simulations from U of Co.
Scratch  Free programming language from MIT.
Senet From the British Museum-an ancient Egyptian game.
Wind Power Explore at this ISTE site. 
 Common Core
Common Core Standards
Achieve the Core   All CC for math teachers- ideas, lessons, tasks, etc.
 Coherence Map    Shows connections for CC Math by Achieve the Core
CC Better Lesson   CC lesson network from NEA & Better Lesson.
Engage NY  NY's units & materials PK-12. 
GA Math  Great K- 5 Common Core activities.
Illustrative Mathematics  Brings the Common Core alive.
Inside Mathematics Common Core resources, videos.
K-5 Math Teaching Resources Resources, games, activities aligned with Common Core.
LearnZillion Thousands of C. Core resources, lessons for flipping.
NC  "Unpack" the C. Core to understand.
Math Landing  Search for great resources by topic.
Mathematics Assessment Project  CC formative assessments 6-12.
 Open Middle *  Challenging problems for all grades. 
PARCC Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College & Careers.
Practice Standards Posters
  K-1 Created by Jordan School District.
  2-3           Kid friendly language of
  4-5             Math Practice Standards
Quantile Framework for Math  Linking assessment with math instruction.
Smarter Balanced Assessments aligned to the C. Core.
Teaching Channel Great videos dealing with teaching math C. Core.
 Would You Rather?  *  J. Stevens select & justify problems.
Youcubed  Upbeat resources for how to learn.
The New 3 R's: Reading wRiting, & Reasoning NCTM 2013
     1 + 1= 5  
       David LaRochelle    Info & activities from author
       First page riddle template      Riddle sheet
       Answer page Riddle answer sheet
         Sheet with traits
         G is for Googol Teacher guide for D. Schwartz's book
         Blog         From Beg. with Children Charter School
         Rubric From Beg. with C.C.S. to score blog
         Kids Math Dictionary Posters, dictionary by J. Eather 
    Diary of a Fly
      Fact or Fiction    Read, Write, Think lesson
       Super Fly Activities Harper Collins provides templates for diaries, bookmarks, etc.
      Hills Diary Fly Diary activities.
       Wumblr A. Rosenthal's activities, sheets, & more
        Writing CR District rubric.
        Problem solving Scores steps, solution, explanation
       Post its WritingFix's rubrics
      WritingFix N. Nevada's Writing Project filled with ideas & help
       NumberFix  H. Young's math writing connections
AIMS Activities integrating mathematics & science.
ANIMOTO Create math videos.
Bedtime Math Great daily differentiated problems for the love of math.
DLTK Early learning activites dealing with numbers & literacy.
Futures Channel Real world math movies & activities.
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Math Kathy's math site list.
Global Classroom Interactive resources for math, whiteboards, etc.
Illuminations  NCTM's way of illuminating the standards.
Kahoot! Design interactive quizzes for devices. Log in for Kahoot.
Math Forum Resource for math educators from Drexel U.
Math is Fun  Rod Pierce's site for fun & basic math skills.
Math Frog Resources & games for grades 4-6.
Math Goodies Mrs. Glosser's math help portal.
Math Playground C. King's site is filled with math for K-8.
Math Solutions A Marilyn Burns newsletter with classroom ideas.
Mathwire Standards based math activities.
Number Nut Rader's Number Nut offers variety activities, glossary, CA standards.
PBS Math Teacher Source Math lesson plans, ideas, and activities.
Thinking Blocks C. King's math help for multi-step problems.
Toy Maker Printable nets to create objects.
WE are Teachers Apply for grants & share ideas.
We Use Math  BYU site answers" When will I use math?"
 Discourse Sources **
3-Act Tasks Graham Fletcher numerous lessons for discussion & deeper meaning.
Estimation 180 A. Stadel offers an estimation challenge daily.
 Math is Visual  Deeper understanding with visuals by Kyle Pearce.
 Number Talk Images  Pierre Tranchemontagne one stop
 Splat  Steve Wyborney's Splats! build number sense & dialogue
 Which One Doesn't Belong?  Puzzles to create discourse. Inspired by C. Danielson
 Would You Rather?  Math routine to construct & justify. J. Stevens
  Differentiation Sources
    for CR/CB Collaboration
Hoagies' Math Links From Hoagies' All gifted page.
Choice Boards From Dare to Differentiate- MIC ideas.
Add & Subtract Puzzles  Create this J. Brett puzzles.
Golden Book Sheets Primary printable counting sheets.
Magic Square Design your own magic squares.
Math Fact Cafe Pre-made fact worksheets & flashcards.
Math Drills Over 6,000 sheets with answers.
Nets Generate net models.
Tang Worksheets  Develop fluency.
Worksheets Addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.
   Conversion Tool
   Currency Calculator Find the value of the American dollar.
   Unit Conversion Use this tool to convert from metric/customary.
   A+ Flashcards Create math flashcards of all types.
   Learn With Games  Fun games - boards & materials.
    Girls & Math
   More Encouragement From NPR. Learn about Danica McKellar's newest book.
      Glencoe Manipulatives  K-8 electronic manipulatives.
  Virtual Manipulatives Utah State's library of computer based manipulatives K - 12.
  Coin Tossing NLVM's coin toss.
   Dice Virtual dice 6, 8, 10, 12 sides.
   NLVM's Spinners Try NLVM's interactive adjustable spinner.
  100 Number Chart Interactive printable 100 chart.
  Math Rods Electronic Math Rods from Math Playground.
  Facts to 20 Create facts to 20- whiteboard interactive.
  Math History
Math is Good for You Dr. Lawrence's History of Math.
Maths Timeline  Timeline of famous mathematicians.
  Math Literature
 Let's Read Math   Extensive book list by concept.
Living Math!   Offers a reading list by concept. 
 MathsThroughStories *  Valuable math lit info. New 2017
Mathwire Great math lit connections & activities.
NumberFix NNWP's Holly Young's writing in math.
Smart Books List & lessons for math read alouds.
WritingFix Picture book writing lessons developed by N. Nevada teachers.
  Lit Podcasts
Open Wide, Look Inside Blogs from U of Richmond using math lit.
How Big is a Foot? Book & activity info from U of Richmond.
Once Upon a Dime Book & activity info from U of Richmond.
   Math Night Materials
Math Night Modules Math Night activities & ideas.
  Math Trails
National Math Trail Take a math field trip around the country.
Newtown Math Trail 07 Do the math in Newtown
Newtown Math Trail 08  More math in Newtown
Newtown Math Trail 09  Try the latest Newtown Math.
Wrightstown Math Trail 09  A Wrightstown first.
Northampton & Newtown Math Trail 10 A Welch & Goodnoe first.
Underground Railroad Math Trail Visit L. Bollman's students math podcasts.
  Math Terms
Mathwords Comprehensive dictionary.
Math Terms &.. Comprehensive dictionary.
Math Literacy Center Beginning number activities- English, Spanish, German, French.
 Math Vocabulary Create vocab cards in 3 sizes from Houghton Mifflin.
   Grade 2
   Grade 3
   Grade 4
   Grade 5
   Grade 6
Animated Origami Fold while viewing.
Bat Mask Directions for a bat mask.
Dragon Origami Directions from Tammy Yee.
Frog  Directions.
Heart Directions from Activity Village.
Origami Basics Tutorial for beginners from S. O'Hanlon.
Origami for Kids Complete directions from Activity Village for numerous creations.
Origami Resource Center One stop for origami.
Three Blind Mice Directions from Tammy Yee.
Turkey Directions from Tammy Yee.
Whale  Directions for whale-Enchanted Learning.
  Parent Resources
NCTM Family Resources Brochures & online materials for parents.
  Pi Resources
Exploratorium Pi   Join the fun at Exploratorium Museum.
Joy of Pi Links for a variety of Pi pages.
Million Digits View a million digits of Pi.
Pi Day New link countdown, millions of Pi digits, etc.
Pi Search Tool Find your favorite strings of numbers.
Pi Trainer Train with Eve Andersson.
Pi Trivia Eve Andersson challenges your knowledge of Pi.
100 Digits of Pi  Learn 100 digits of pi  in this fun video. from ASAP Science. +
Teach Pi One stop for Pi activities.
  Tangram Materials
Tangram Tans Print out.
How-To Tangram Pieces Directions for constructing tans.
Tangrams & Fractions Lesson from PBS Teachers.
Just in Time Lesson plans, printables, & student activities dealing with time.
Calendars Through Ages  WebExhibits provides info on history of calendars.
Interactive Calendar Find dates from the past & future.
Time Liner  Create interactive time line from ReadWriteThink.
Horizontal/ Vertical Time Liner  Another generator up to 9 events.
Hyperhistory  3,000 years of history
  Venn Diagrams
     2 Circle  Interactive Venn Diagram creator from ReadWriteThink.
     3 Circle  Interactive Venn Diagram creator from ReadWriteThink.
A Day in Life of the US Explore Time magazine for info Nov 26, 2007.
America by the Numbers  Explore Time magazine for info Oct. 30, 2006.
   Where We Live?  Interactive map of USA
    Who We Are?  Interact with changing face of USA's population.
  Haring Kids Explore the art of Keith Haring.
  Museum of Modern Art Check out the museum's collection.
  The Art Institute of Chicago Visit the Institute's collection.
 Baseball/ Softball PBS source: Lessons baseball statistics, batting average.
    Baseball statistics Great reference baseball statistics [players, teams].
     Business of Baseball Baseball Hall of Fame economics lesson.
     Math: Batter Up Baseball Hall of Fame stat & geometry lessons.
Peeps Courtesy of Just Born Candy- Find the math behind these treats.
Peep Quiz A Family Education Peep test.
U.S. Census 2010
  It's All About Us Scholastic offers Census resources & activities.
  Census in Schools Resources, student activities from the Census Bureau.
  Population Clock Current population numbers.
 FoxTrot  Bill Amend's comics often explore math.
Cryptogram Corner Decode the message.
Secret Messages Create secret messages at
Desert Facts  Take a trip to the Saguaro National Park.
Earth Day Every Day 
Adds Up   Mathline offers trash questions to ponder.
PNC 2016 +  Thanks PNC Christmas Price Index 2015
PNC Price Index Express       Cost of 12 Days for 2011
Price Index Games Try Pin the Price & Economics Trivia.
Einstein's Big Idea Explore E=mc2
    Neil de Grasse Tyson Explains E=mc2 to non-physicists.
   More Neil de Grasse Tyson Another interview from the director of the Hayden Planetarium.
   The Great Relativity Show Animated feature.
   Einstein -Image & Impact Learn about Einstein's life from American Institute of Physics.
   Einstein's Legacy Discover discoveries/inventions made.
Favorite Number
 What is?  Check out Bello's favorite number data.
 Yahoo Flags See flags at this World Factbook.
Heart NCTM Primary lesson- heart
Quilting Bee Learn about quilting thanks to the Mint Museum & Charlotte Public Library.
Quiltmaker's Gift Find quilt activities at J. Brumbeau's site.
Special Events
   Eric Carle Video NEA video honors The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
   We Choose the Moon Celebrate the 40th of Apollo 11.
  Buildings of the World Print and create the great buildings of the world.
   St. Louis Gateway Arch Kid friendly info about the Arch.
   Frank Lloyd Wright Explore architecture of Wright, including Taliesin West.
     Wright Structures   Archive of Wright's work from Boston College.
    The Wright 3   Great activities for The Wright 3.
  Georgia Aquarium Visit the world's largest.
  Grand Canyon 
   Canyon Info PBS Nature info.
   Canyon Explorer More Canyon facts.
   Grand Canyon Brain Teaser Teaser from N. Geographic.
  Mount Rushmore
   Mount Rushmore Info PBS info with time line & polls.
     Pyramid Travel to Giza to build a pyramid.
 RED Funbook Sites
"Alexander, Who ...Rich"
   e-Money Tools  Count money with H. Mifflin e-coins & bills.
   Counting Money Count pennies, nickels, & dimes.
 "All You Need for a Snowman"
             10 Little Snowmen  Explore different combinations with this Starfall read aloud.
             Silly Snowman How many different ways can you dress the snowman?
             Snowman Game Make your own snowman at Inkless Tales.
             Virtual Snowman Try dressing this Ben & Jerry snowman.
"Amelia Bedelia" Links
   Bobbie Bear NCTM combination problem dealing with dressing Bobbie Bear.
"Button Box" Links
    Button Beach Use logic, addition, & algebra to find the buttons' values.
   Estimator Estimate with hints from Interactivate or use with Alexander Who Used..
     More or Less Estimator Practice estimating by comparing.
    Logic Zoo Put the wacky animals back in Logic Zoo.
     Buttons, Buttons... Count buttons in this math musical video.
"The Greedy Triangle" Links
       On the Block Visit the MET, search for shapes.
     Pattern Blocks Explore pattern blocks.
     Polygon Playground Free explore with polygons at the playground.
     The Shapes Game Create & explore with Inkless Tales shapes.
"The Grouchy Ladybug" Links
    Time for Time Set the time on analog & digital.
   Time Zone Guide Figure time differences.
   World Time Zone Map See what time it is around the world.
"The King's Commissioners" Links
    100 Number Chart Interactive printable 100 chart.
    Dog Bone Game  Find the dog a bone from a 100 chart.
    Interactive 100 Chart  Shade up to 3 multiples at a time.
   Mend the Number Square  Place numbers on a 100 chart.
Math-terpieces Links
    Paul Cezanne Apples & Oranges and information.
      Apples & Oranges Jigsaw puzzle.
     Cezanne's Amazing Apples Online exhibit from the Met.
   Dancers & Degas From the Met- learn & create like Degas.
   Claude Monet Water Lilies.
      Monet's Garden Plant flowers for Monet.
   Renoir Girl with Watering Can information.
     Girl with Watering Can Jigsaw puzzle.
    Van Gogh Self portrait and information.
    Van Gogh's Mark Leave your mark like Van Gogh at this Met site.
    George Seurat Paintings and information.
"Sam Johnson & the Blue Ribbon" &
"Eight Hands Round" Links
   Quilting Bee Electronic quilting with log cabin pattern.
    Patch Tool Create a square patch at this NCTM site.
   Symmetry  Explore symmetry here.
   Symmetrical Drawing Explore symmetry at Science U.
PURPLE Funbook Sites
"Chrysanthemum" Links
   Word Wizard Build words from Chrysanthemum & other stories.
   Construct a Word Build words at Read Write Think.
   $100 Word Calculator Search for $100 words.
"Diary of a Worm" Links
   Herman the Worm Read about worms.
   Wacky Ruler A Cyberspace challenge.
  Worm World  Learn about worms & view videos.
 "Emeka's Gift" Links
   Stories from Nigeria Read short stories here.
   Games Learn some Nigerian games.