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Problem Solving Activities

Copyright©2005-20.  Council Rock School District.

(Site designed by Charyl Kerns Hills & supported by Council Rock's Math Specialists)
Great activities for the Standards for Mathematical Practice. 


Skyscraper Caper  Holiday fun from DreamBox.
Surf's Up Primary maze.
$100 Word Calculator Continue the search from Dana's Fun Night. GO DANA!!
Math Cats Great math thinking games.
Floorplanner Design 2 & 3D floorplans. Recomended by M. Molishus & CR students. +
Wonderopolis  Each day a new question is posed.
Chinese Checkers
Illuminations Concentration                    Multiple math concept versions.
Math in English + Numerous puzzles to print.
Memory Concentration Memory concentration game.
Nine Men's Morris  Classic strategy game.
Pegjumper  Classic solitaire peg game.
Senet From the British Museum-an ancient Egyptian game.
Summer Slide Timed summer slide puzzle.
Quiddler Short word game.
Xactika Card game of predictions & estimation.
Brainbasher Bridges Daily logic puzzle connect the islands.
Hangman Chess Play to learn chess terms.
   Connect 4
Connect 4 Electronic version.
Estimation 180 Building number sense 1 day at a time.
Kakuro Online 4 challenging levels to play on the computer.
Kakuro Another interactive version with 3 levels.
Ken Ken How to + S. Wyborney's video introduction.
KenKen NY Times 6 new puzzles daily.
KenKen Classroom  Ken Ken up to 9 x 9.
Mathdoku More Ken Ken with 4 levels.
Frog Puzzle Devise a strategy to cross frogs.
Goat Crossing + Safely cross the goats at Math Cats.
Guess My Number Primary number riddle game.
Pico.. Guess the number with Pico, Fermi, Bagels.
Puzzler's Paradise Interactive logic problems.
Mancala Snails Challenge a friend or computer with this African strategy game.
Mancala Online Version from Math Playgroud.
Disc Nim Nim with 36 discs.
Nim Challenge the computer with 16 Nim playing pieces.
Proton Nim Nim with protons. Try on various levels.
Matchstick Nim Try 3 levels of Nim with 21 matchsticks.  Reversed versions can also be played.
Scaredy Cats Nim with cats in a 4 x 4 array. Created by W. Petti.
Numbrix  A consecutive number logic puzzle.
 Oh Hi +  Logic puzzle shared at PETE & C 16.
Pentominoes  Electronic version.
Pentomino Challenges  Electronic pentomino puzzles.
Pentomino Square Create a square with pentominoes.
Pic-a-Pix  Logic puzzles from Conceptis.
 SET *
SET A game of attributes & visual perception.
New York Times SET 4 new puzzles daily.
How-To   Tutorial to help.
Shikaku Room  Create your own puzzle & solve.
Count On Sudoku 5 levels of daily puzzles.
JigSawdoku  Use color in this 6 x 6 puzzle.
Kids Shape Sudoku Printable shape Sudoku puzzles.
Sudoku 4 challenging levels to play on the computer or print out.
Sudoku Spoiler Solves any Sudoku puzzle & times itself.
Math Cats Tetris Another electronic version.
  Toothpick Puzzles
 Learning Tree Puzzles Matchstick (toothpick) puzzles from the UK.
  Venn Diagrams
Oops Hoops I SPY challenge with hoops.
  Problems & Puzzles 
AIMS Puzzle Corner Try a variety of puzzles here.
Bedtime Math Great daily differentiated problems for the love of math.
Creativity Challenges  PBS Parent Creativity Challenges.
Figure This!  Math challenges by topic.
Kidprintables Brain Teasers Ages 8 and up.
Math Olympiad  New problem monthly.
Mathwire  Problem resources for gr. 3 & 4. 
nrich  Monthly enriching games, puzzles, articles, etc.
Number Fix    Great writing for meaning ideas.
Math Contest  Math Contest from Ole Miss.
   Math or Magic
Amazing Age An age card trick.
Calendar Magic Learn a calendar trick.
Magic Gopher  Decide math or magic.
Mysterious Mind Reader Follow online directions for some "magic."