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Math Tools

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(Site designed by Charyl Kerns Hills & supported by Council Rock's Math Specialists)


   Conversion Tools

   Currency Calculator Find the value of the American dollar.
   Unit Conversion Use this tool to convert from metric/customary.
   A+ Flashcards Create math flashcards of all types.
   Mr. Martini's Flashcards  Interactive flashcards for review.
   Study Stacks Study variety of facts.
Rubric Maker Create math rubrics with up to 10 skills.
  Venn Diagrams
     2 Circle  Interactive Venn Diagram creator from ReadWriteThink.
     3 Circle  Interactive Venn Diagram creator from ReadWriteThink.
Web Tools
  ANIMOTO Create math videos.
  Flickr Download photos for your use.
  TimeLeft Download countdown clock, timer.
  Wordle Create math "word clouds."
A+ Math Sheets Printable worksheets.
Add & Subtract Puzzles  Create these J. Brett puzzles.
Golden Book Sheets Primary printable counting sheets.
Math Fact Cafe Pre-made fact worksheets & flashcards.
Math Sheet Generator  Create custom math sheets for all operations at Intervention Central.
Super Teacher Worksheets      Free worksheets on many topics.
Worksheets Addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.