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Math Literature

Copyright©2005-17.  Council Rock School District.

(Site designed by Charyl Kerns Hills & supported by Council Rock's Math Specialists)

  Math Literature
Literature Learning Ladders Connect math with themes here.
Math Literature Extensive list of math read alouds.
Mathwire Great math lit connections & activities.
NumberFix NNWP's Holly Young's writing in math.
Smart Books List & lessons for math read alouds.
WritingFix Picture book writing lessons developed by N. Nevada teachers.
  Lit Podcasts
Open Wide, Look Inside Blogs from U of Richmond using math lit.
How Big is a Foot? Book & activity info from U of Richmond.
Once Upon a Dime Book & activity info from U of Richmond.
 RED Funbook Sites
"Alexander, Who ...Rich"
   e-Money Tools  Count money with H. Mifflin e-coins & bills.
   Counting Money Count pennies, nickels, & dimes.
 "All You Need for a Snowman"
      10 Little Snowmen  Explore different combinations with this Starfall read aloud.
      Silly Snowman How many different ways can you dress the snowman?
      Snowman Game Make your own snowman at Inkless Tales.
      Virtual Snowman Try dressing this Ben & Jerry snowman.
"Amelia Bedelia" Links
   Bobbie Bear NCTM combination problem dealing with dressing Bobbie Bear.
"Button Box" Links
    Button Beach Use logic, addition, & algebra to find the buttons' values.
   Estimator Estimate with hints from Interactivate or use with Alexander Who Used..
     More or Less Estimator Practice estimating by comparing.
    Logic Zoo Put the wacky animals back in Logic Zoo.
     Buttons, Buttons... Count buttons in this math musical video.
"The Greedy Triangle" Links
       On the Block Visit the MET, search for shapes.
     Pattern Blocks Explore pattern blocks.
     Polygon Playground  Free explore with polygons at the playground.
     The Shapes Game  Create & explore with Inkless Tales shapes.
    The Confused Triangle  A math musical video.
    The Confused Triangle II A math musical video.
"How Big is a Foot?" Links
  Ladybug Moves Hide the ladybug by estimating & calculating distance.
"The King's Commissioners" Links
    100 Number Chart Interactive printable 100 chart.
    Dog Bone Game  Find the dog a bone from a 100 chart.
    Interactive 100 Chart  Shade up to 3 multiples at a time.
   Mend the Number Square  Place numbers on a 100 chart.
Math-terpieces Links
    Paul Cezanne Apples & Oranges and information.
      Apples & Oranges Jigsaw puzzle.
      Cezanne's Amazing Apples Online exhibit from the Met.
   Dancers & Degas From the Met- learn & create like Degas.
   Claude Monet Water Lilies.
   Renoir Girl with Watering Can information.
     Girl with Watering Can Jigsaw puzzle.
    Van Gogh Self portrait and information.
      Van Gogh's Mark Leave your mark like Van Gogh at this Met site.
    George Seurat Paintings and information.
"Sam Johnson & the Blue Ribbon" &
"Eight Hands Round" Links
   Quilting Bee Electronic quilting with log cabin pattern.
    Make a Quilt Create a quilt thanks to the Mint Museum & Charlotte Public Library.
    Patch Tool Create a square patch at this NCTM site.
   Symmetry  Explore symmetry here.
   Symmetrical Drawing Explore symmetry at Science U.
BLUE Funbook Sites
"Chrysanthemum" Links
   Word Wizard Build words from Chrysanthemum & other stories.
   Construct a Word Build words at Read Write Think.
   $100 Word Calculator Search for $100 words.
"Diary of a Worm" Links
   Herman the Worm Read about worms.
   Wacky Ruler A Cyberspace challenge.
  Worm World  Learn about worms & view videos.
 "Emeka's Gift" Links
  Africa Map Match Learn about African geography.
  African Puzzle Finish the African map puzzles.
   Games Learn some Nigerian games.
   Stories from Nigeria Read short stories here.
  Thumb Piano Play some music with an instrument played all over Africa.
  Two Ways to Count to 10
"Math Curse" Links
   Hidden Picture Calculate to find a Reading Rainbow picture.
"Measuring Penny" Links
  Measuring Harry Measure with 2nd graders in this music video.
"Picture Pie" Links
  Cowboy Create from Funorama an Emberley creation.
"The Sneetches & Other Stories" Links
Sneetch Belly Game Visit Seussville to order the bellies.
"Two of Everything" Links
Algebra Puzzle Solve these MathPlayground logic puzzles.
Function Machine Explore this MathPlayground machine.
"Wanda's Roses" Links
   Kids Design Use this to make your bouquets of 10.
   Catch 10 Help make 10 strips.
ADVANCED Funbook Sites
"Pigs at Odds" Links
   NLVM's Spinners Try NLVM's interactive adjustable spinner.
    Game of Pig Play this game from Gettysburg College.
   Piggy Ones & Sixs A variation of Pig to investigate.
"On Beyond a Million" Links
   MegaPenny Project View a million pennies.
   MegaMoo Project See a million cows.
   Powers of 10 Explore Powers of 10.
"Roman Numerals I to MM" Links
   Roman Addition Add like a Roman.
   Roman Match Game Match Roman numerals in a timed challenge.
   Roman Sequence Game  Order Roman numerals in a timed challenge.
 "The Story of Money" Links
   History of Money Facts, a glossary, & online quiz.
   New Money Learn about new USA currency.
   Fun & Games Bureau of Engraving & Printing games & activities.