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Intermediate Math

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Numbers & Operations

  Pearson Success Net Log on for enVisionMath.
  Calculation Nation NCTM's  challenge with others from around the world.
  First in Math Direct link to electronic 24 program.
 XtraMath  Math fact practice.
 Math Playground C Core Activities & games by CC standard & grade level
  Numbers & Place Value
Place Value Guided info to trillions.
Other Number Systems Number systems info.
Estimation Contraption Compute using estimation.
Can You Say Really Big Numbers? Create & read large numbers.
Place Value Puzzler- Medium, Hard, Super Brain Level Place value & rounding game.
Place Value Pirates Find treasure by selecting the correct place at Mr. Nussbaum's site.
One False Move- Medium or Hard Level   Ordering integers.
Operation Order Use order of operation with integers.
BasketMath Interactive game all operations & other topics.
Greg Tang's World of Math  Books, resources, & games.
Primary Krypto Use 5 values to create a target value.
Quick Math Select the correct operation sign.
Hoop Shoot + March Madness whole & decimal addition.
Hoop Shoot 2 + March Madness whole & decimal subtraction.
Grand Slam Math Level 2 Solve word problems.
Base Converter Convert from bases 2 to 36.
Sieve of Erathosthenes Interactive with numbers to 400-H. B. Meyer.
Exponent Jeopardy 
  Multiplication & Division
Pumpkin Multiples  Catch multiples from 2 to 12.
Batter's Up Baseball Newest addition & multiplication baseball.
Jeopardy  Try this version with multiplication facts. 
Just the Facts  Multiplication facts in 60 seconds
Math Baseball Practice of multiplication & division.
MathCar Racing Multiplication of integers.
Multiplication Facts  Practice facts at Math Playground.
Product Game Get 4 in a row from Connected Mathematics.
Space Racer  Guide your racer through space while multiplying.
Math Magician- Hard Level. Work Backwards Strategy with operations.
Arcademic Skill Games Games to build fluency with all operations.
Matho 2 Calculate using order of operations in this Bingo type game.
 All Division Interactive practice with division facts, division of fractions & decimals.
Factor Game   + Factor challenge from Connected Mathematics.
Factor/ Multiple Jeopardy +
Factor Trees + Construct factor trees from Math Playground.
Octopus Game  Challenge the computer to a factor game.
Planet Havarti Math Beginning 2-digit by 1-digit with arrays from HBSchool.
Decimal Jeopardy + Add, subtract, multiply.
Decimal Multiplication Interactive calculations from H.B. Meyer.
Pattern Block Fractions   Explore with pattern blocks through C. Lanius's lesson.
Visual Fractions Practice by seeing fractions.
Equivalent Fractions Create your own equivalent fractions. (NCTM)
Pizza Explore creating fractions with pizza.
Who Wants Pizza?  C. Lanius's self-help lessons on equivalency & fractional operations.
Melvin's Make a Match Use equivalent fractions to sort potion bottles.
Triplets Find sets of equivalent fractions.
Fraction Frenzy Equivalent fractions.
Fraction Four Connect Four game- fraction relationships.
13 Ways of Looking at 1/2 Try Dr. Marble's brain teaser from Cyberchase.
Tony's Pizza Add the fractional toppings at Mr. Nussbaum's site.
Dolphin Racing Find the greatest fraction to win the race.
Fraction Finder Compare fractions visually.
Fraction Switch  Order fractions by switching.
Fraction Game Find fraction relationships with this NCTM game.
Clara's Ice Cream Serve up ice cream with improper fractions at Mr. Nussbaum's site.
Visual Addition Add unlike denominators with pictures.
Frosty Fractions +  Add unlike denominators, change improper.
Fruit Fractions +  Add like/unlike denominators, simplify.
Math Splat Find the addition answer before bugs splat.
Building Bridges  Help the gecko travel by filling the gaps with fractions.
Fractions Topics From basic fractions to multiplication & division.
Match Game 1 Match fractions & decimal equivalents by Harcourt School.
Match Game 2 More matching fractions & decimal equivalents by Harcourt School.
Match Game 3 Even more matching fractions & decimal equivalents by Harcourt School.
Fraction Model Interactive relationship fractions, percent, decimal. (NCTM)
Match Game 4 Match fractions, percent, decimals.
Match Game 5 Match fractions, percents, decimal equivalents by Harcourt School.
Snap Saloon  Card game to match fractions, percent, decimals.
Falling Leaves Collect leaves -fractional part of whole.
Sharing Cookies   Explore division of fractions.
Base Block Decimals Work with base ten blocks to add & subtract decimals.
Count the Money Count bills & coins.
Sleuths on the Loose Game using measurement & ratios.
Measure It! Medium & Hard Level Measuring with inches & centimeters, including fractions.
Sal's Subs Create subs & practice ruler measurement (in & cm) & fractions.
Metric Conversions Calculate metric conversions.
Animal Weigh In Balance customary & metric weights on scale.
Time Check View time & set time with analog & digital clocks.
Matching Clocks Match digital to analog time.
Elapsed Time Help set the clocks to determine the elapsed time.
Stopwatch Use this to count up or down in seconds.
Terms Talk the talk with matching, concentration, etc.
Point of View View solids from 3-D to 2-D.
3-D Boxes Determine number boxes for constructions.
3-D Shapes   Relationship between 2-D & 3-D from multi-views.
Build Houses Construct 3-D house with side views.
Cube Nets Discover all 11 nets from Harcourt Schools.
Programming  Explore LOGO at Math Playground.
LaForgia's Tangrams Even more puzzles.
Pattern Blocks  Explore with electronic pattern blocks.
Tessellation Town Explore tessellations.
Shmuzzles  Great tessellating fun.
Memory Spin Game of focus & rotations from Count On.
RoboPacker Help robots by using translations, reflections, & rotations.
   Grade 4
   Grade 5
   Grade 6
Line Symmetry Learn about line symmetry at LINKS Learning.
Symmetry  Explore symmetry, translations, reflections here.
Quilting Bee Electronic quilting with log cabin pattern.
Angle Activities 20 interactive activities with a protractor.
What's My Angle? Explore angles using an electronic protractor.
Star Gazing Estimate angle measure in game format.
Baseball Geometry Pearson's challenge dealing with angles, polygons, circles, perimeter & area.
Geometry Center Explore shapes, patterns, & symmetry.
Quadrilaterals Classify, explore, & define quadrilaterals.
Airlines Builder Build to explore area & perimeter.
Circle Tool Explore radius, diameter, area, & circumference.
Trapezoid Area Explore area by resizing at Math Open Reference.
Surface Area & Volume Explore solid's surface areas & volume electronically.
Sugary Shapes Explore cylinder's volume & surface area.
Aliens  Determine  x & y coordinates of aliens.
Space Boy Locate the correct x & y coordinates to help Space Boy.
Translate, reflect, & rotate each challenge.
  Algebraic Concepts
Arithmetiles Discover the secret equation in this game.
Astro Algebra Create equations at this Mighty Math/ Edmark preview.
Calder's Balancing Acts Balance algebraic equations with Calder's mobiles.
Equation Match Match equivalent equations.
Late Delivery Find the value of expressions.
Number Cracker Solve the number patterns.
Number Cruncher  + Discover the rule of the function machine.
Numerate * Scrabble like equation game by Transum.
Wangdoodles Figure the wangdoodles weight algebraically.
 Data Analysis & Probability
Create a Graph Create bar graph, pie chart, line graph.
Data Picking Create frequency chart & graph data.
Pie Chart Interactive tool & info.
Scatter Plot  Interactive from Shodor.
Stem and Leaf Plotter  Interactive tool & info.
Coin Flipping Use Ken White's site to simulate flipping pennies or dimes.
Coin Tossing NLVM's coin toss.
What are Your Chances? Explore outcomes with dice.
Roll 5 C. Lanius' dice investigation.
NLVM's Spinners Try NLVM's interactive adjustable spinner.
Spinners Explore outcomes with interactive adjustable spinner.
Experimental Probability Conduct probability experiments with spinners & dice.
Fish Tank Determine the probability of catching a red fish.
Simple Monty Hall Game  Experiment with conditional probability with this simulated Shodor game.
Fire Explore probability with this NCTM wildfire.
Word Search Uses statistical terms.
  Math Terms
Math Glossary Interactive for grades 1 -6
Math Mystery Words Check math term knowledge.
Kids Math Dictionary Interactive.
Math Wheel Math terms Wheel of Fortune.
  Homework Help
A+Math: Homework Help Checks work with basic operation.
Mathway Solves math problems step-by-step.