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Interactive Whiteboard Math Sites

©2008-19.  C. Kerns Hills. Council Rock School District. All Rights Reserved.(Site designed by Charyl Kerns Hills & supported by Council Rock's Math Specialists)


 Whiteboard Resources
Center School Templates Numerous math templates organized by grade
Primary Math  Find numerous interactive math whiteboard activities.
SMART Geometry All geometry wikispace.
SMART Measurement Wikispace for all measurement skills.
Smartboard Way More interactive math whiteboard activities.
Numbers & Operations
1 to 10 Number Train Numbers 1 to 10.
Nile Numbers Numbers/words 1 to 25.
Snakes & Ladders Classic counting board game for 1 or 2.
100 Number Chart Interactive printable 100 chart.
 Dog Bone Game  Find the dog a bone from a 100 chart.
 Interactive 100 Chart  Shade up to 3 multiples at a time.
Mend the Number Square  Place numbers on a 100 chart.
Resizable 100 Chart Hide numbers & resize your chart.
Odd or Even? Sort odd and even numbers.
  Place Value
Building Numbers Use interactive base ten items to create numbers.
Place Value Arrows Explore place value through 100's with arrows, rods, abacus.
  Addition & Subtraction
Ten Frame Game   Create 10 sets. (NCTM Illuminations)
Catch 10   Help BT (Base 10) catch 10 blocks creating a 10 strip.
Test the Toad Add or subtract to 15 with people number line.
Repair Fix the waterslide from BBC with number pairs.
Matho 1 Practice basic calculations in this Bingo type game.
Connect Sums  Select neighboring values to equal value.
Power Lines  Place numbers in the power cells to add to total.
Multiplication Station Test your skills by multiplying quickly.
Product Game Get 4 in a row from Connected Mathematics.
Factor Trees Construct factor trees from Math Playground.
Count Us In Divide sheep into 2 paddocks.
   All Operations
Thinking Blocks  Great to develop algebraic thinking.
Fridge Numbers Use  magnetic numbers to do math.
Fraction Flags  Create flags with fractions.
Fraction Monkeys * Place the monkeys on number line.
Fraction Match Match fractions, decimals, & per cents at Interactive Stuff.
Fraction Model Match Fraction match game from Harcourt.
Fraction Comparison Compare fractions visually with 4 views.
Bitesize Decimals  Order decimals.
 Packages  Measure & weigh metrically.
Make a Calendar Starfall's interactive calendar story.
TimeWorks Place the correct numbers on a clock face.
Fairy Clock Interactive clock with various time increments.
Jude e-Clock Interactive clock with various time increments & faces.
Time Check View time & set time with analog & digital clocks.
Move the Hands Move time forward or backward in various increments.
Matching Clocks Match digital to analog time.
Money Concentration Play timed or untimed.
Counting Coins Find the right amount of coins.
The Shapes Game Create & explore with Inkless Tales shapes.
Tangrams Tangram game from Cyberchase.
Tangrams Sagwa tangrams.
Tangram Squares  Use tangrams to build squares.
Polygon Playground Free explore with polygons.
Overlapping Shapes Follow the patterns to build with 5 shapes (FOSS).
Buzzing with Shapes Bingo game with polygons.
Pattern Blocks Explore pattern blocks.
Symmetry  Explore symmetry here.
Symmetrical Drawing Explore symmetry at Science U.
RoboPacker- Grade 3 Help robots by using translations, reflections, & rotations.
Geoboard Activities An interactive geoboard with activities to try.
Virtual Pinboard Create & explore shapes here.
Quilting Bee Electronic quilting with log cabin pattern.
Angle Activities 20 interactive activities with a protractor.
What's My Angle  Explore angles.
Circle Tool Explore radius, diameter, area, & circumference.
3-D Shapes   Relationship between 2-D & 3-D from multi-views.
Geometric Constructions Construction how-to step by step.
  Algebraic Concepts
Music Pattern Builder Explore music patterns.
Button Beach Use logic, addition, & algebra to find the buttons' values.
  Data Analysis & Probability                           
Bobbie Bear NCTM combination problem.
Dice Virtual dice 6, 8, 10, 12 sides.
Experimental Probability Conduct probability experiments with spinners & dice.
NLVM's Spinners Try NLVM's interactive adjustable spinner.
Scatter Plot  Interactive from Shodor.
  Problem Solving
Blobs New version solitaire peg game.
Broken Calculator Create numbers with missing keys.
Advanced Broken Calculator Continue the challenge without keys.
Dominoes Set of 28 double six interactive dominos.
Big Calculator Great for the whole class from Amble Web.
Giant Calculator Interactive calculator.
HB School Calculator * Add & subtract problems.
Math/ Scientific Calculator Great full size calculator.
Number Line Create your own number lines.
Sieve of Erathosthenes Interactive with numbers to 400-H. B. Meyer.
NLVM Sieve Interactive with numbers to 200.
Stop Watch Online stopwatch.